In my personal & professional experience as a psychic medium, I decline mediumship readings if the passing has been less than a year to 6 months (and even then it is based on a case per case decision overall).

That is not to say that those who have crossed over won’t try and give the living messages via symbols, etc. they do and they tend to do it constantly to reassure their loved ones that they are safe and still with them.

The issue mostly lies with the grieving process and how well the (potential client) is dealing with the reality of losing their loved one and are slowly returning to a semi daily routine on some level.

While there is no specific time frame on how long a person grieves (or should grieve), it is safe to say that the time frame is between 6 months to a year (for the grieving process to have begun and the person can talk about the death without breaking down in hysterics, etc.).

Some of the key factors I look for when a new client asks me for a mediumship reading are:

  • When did the death occur?
  • In what capacity was the death (if death occurred as a result of suicide or by a crime, then the process of accepting their loved one’s death could take a good deal longer, due to personal religious reasons and/or whatever criminal investigations, trials, etc. that could take place).
  • Is the client self-medicating?
  • Is the client seeking therapy to assist in the grieving process (or refusing therapy all together)?
  • What mental/emotional and physical state is the client currently?

If any or several of these apply to the client, then I refrain from the reading and suggest they begin their grieving progress and return at a later date.

It is important to understand and help the client understand that a mediumship reading is very intense and personal. It will consume a deal of energy (including mental and emotional, as well as psychical, both from the medium and from the client themselves.

If at any point, the client appears to be not ready, the session should be stopped immediately.

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