In my line of work as a psychic medium, I deal with death, grief and loss almost on a daily basis.

While it is my personal choice not to give a mediumship session until after the 6 month to 8 month mark (at minimum), I realize others do and that is O.K., if they choose to do so.

The reason I choose to withhold the sessions until at least the 6 to 8 months mark of their loved one’s passing, is to allow the client time to process the loss and deal with their grief.

To be clear here, everyone processes their grief and loss in different ways and on different levels. No one particular loss or grief is greater than the other. Each of us grieve in our own way for as long as it takes us to process the loss.

When a client comes to me for a mediumship session, we first discuss their progress on their grieving, whether or not they have received counseling from someone who is specifically specialized in grief & trauma, I also ask them about their daily routines to see if they are slowly returning to their normal, etc.

Depending on the responses I receive from the client, I will then decide on booking the session with a few days to a week, or withhold until further notice, as to allow some more time for the client to process the grief and loss.

I do advise all of my clients that their loved ones who have passed are trying to communicate with them via messages and symbols, they need to take time to acknowledge them. However, a client who is so consumed in their grief to where it renders them unable to effectively move forward, they will be unable to see the messages and symbols. They are more fragile overall and should be urged to seek longer counseling until their mental and emotional state can handle the reading (especially if they are self medicating on a daily basis, etc.)

All mediumship readings are intense and they consume so much energy from both, the medium, as well as the client themselves.

Receiving messages from the other side (whether on your own or with a medium) is a gift and should be treasured as a sacred gift from the other side.

If you are in need of support groups, websites, phone numbers that can assist you in your grief, please click on the link below:


❤ Be well and be loved ❤


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