Many people think that when they go to a psychic for a tarot or psychic or mediumship session, the psychic will simply “read” them fully (or bring whoever they want from the other side) and be done with it.
This simply couldn’t be farther from the truth in reality.
Any session that is conducted between the reader (psychic) and the sitter (client) requires an intense exchange of psychic energy in order for it to be successful. During mediumship sessions, this also includes the energy of the person who has crossed over as well.
Since the average session is between 45 minutes to one hour, all sides find themselves mentally, as well as psychically drained afterwards. This is because of the intense energy that is exchanged. This would also explain why so many psychics space their sessions out to a few sessions a day and most often, spaced an hour or so apart to give them time to regroup, enter and balance themselves.
In many cases, the psychic will choose to grab something to eat and drink, while walking outside in the grass recharging their energy with the earths energy).
The sitter/client also needs to refresh and regroup themselves after such a session. This is done in pretty much the same fashion as the psychic.
It is always strongly urged for them to drink some water in many cases, the psychic will request that the sitter/client bring something (water) with them to the session, as well as something to nibble on.
It is also urged for both sides to be in good health, because the exchange of psychic energies tends to drain even the healthiest of people, if one or both are sick, then the depletion of psychic energies can actually drain their already compromised immune system faster.
The exchange of psychic energy during a session is both powerful and up lifting, just be sure to replenish yourself afterwards ❤
Written by Psychic Medium, Sue Swank, all rights reserved ©2017


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